Travel Vaccinations for United States of America

The table below provides a general guide as to the Travel Vaccinations that may be advised to you for travel to United States of America

Are there any superlatives to describe the U.S.A. that haven’t been used yet? This is the land of the free, where the most iconic statue in the world stands as a beacon in New York harbour, welcoming immigrants looking for a new and better life. Of all the 48 contiguous States, (Hawaii and Alaska making it 50), New York is often the first one visitors see, whether they arrive by sea or by air. First impressions are lasting, and few cities can rival the imprint that New York makes on a first-time visitor, whether it’s the steel canyons of Manhattan, the oasis of calm in Central Park, the shops on 5th Avenue and the lure of Broadway. Once New York grabs you, it never lets go. And it gets better!

So many wonders to see in America; waterfalls, geysers, cities that dreams are made of, mighty rivers and canyons, the Pacific coast and the power of the Capitol building in Washington, Florida’s gold coast, Orlando’s Disney World, and Hollywood. Wherever your trip to the U.S.A. might take you, here is a top ten list of places that you will regret missing once you return home: Chicago’s Golden Mile, Miami’s South Beach, Fisherman’s wharf and the Golden Gate in San Francisco, Basin St. in New Orleans, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, California’s Big Sur region, the Grand Canyon, and just about anywhere in Alaska. Your first stop on your way to the U.S.A. should be a visit to our Travel Health Clinic, four to eight weeks before departure, so that you will be completely safe and up-to-date with the Vaccinations you need for U.S.A.

If you are travelling further in North America, have a look at the vaccinations that you require for Canada and Mexico.

There is No Risk of Malaria in United States of America

There is No Risk of Yellow Fever in United States of America

Keep up-to-date with the latest travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) before travelling.

Advice for Travellers to all Destinations

The Vaccinations and Medications that are needed for travel vary from person-to-person. Everyone should have a personal risk assessment with a travel health professional to take into account a range of factors such as itinerary, medical condition, occupational and lifestyle risk factors and previous vaccination history.

All Travellers

All Travellers should ensure that they are up-to-date with Routine Vaccinations including Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio and Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

Most Travellers

Most travellers will also need to consider a course or booster of Hepatitis A and Typhoid as there is a risk of these diseases across most parts of the world.

Some Travellers

Some Travellers may also be advised additional vaccinations such as Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis and Hepatitis B based on their individual risk assessment.

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Further Travel Health Advice for United States of America

If you are visiting Florida, Southern California, or Key West, the Delmarva triangle, or Georgia, in summer, you can expect the sun to be very strong with high humidity and it is necessary to use a good sun block lotion with SPF 20 or higher. Apply liberally and often. When on tour, remember to wear light clothing and bring lots of water with you to stay hydrated.

There is no cause to be concerned about the quality of the drinking water in the U.S.A. Water is chlorinated and safe to drink in all locations. Drinking bottled water is a matter of personal choice, not necessity.

American cuisine is a tale of north, south, east and west, with some mid-west thrown in for good measure. The phrase “melting pot” was certainly coined with America in mind, and yes, this is the home of the fast-food franchise, and the ubiquitous street cart, so if you hunger for a 10-minute taste of tacos, burgers, KFC, pizza or a hot dog with sauerkraut, you won’t have far to look. But dig deeper, and discover state secrets, like Maine lobster, Boston scrod, New York strip loin and deli food, such as pastrami, knishes and dill pickles, Florida snapper and Pacific coast abalone and sand dabs. Get a taste of the Lone Star State with Tex-Mex delicacies, or for a real frontier experience, join in a classic Texan barbeque while racks of ribs and whole sides of beef roast on a spit, then make your way down the muddy Mississippi to sample Cajun gumbos and crawdads.

For as many cultures as there are in America, there are even more types of cuisine, but each November, tradition brings them together in the Thanksgiving celebration of the Pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth Rock, with a sumptuous feast of roast turkey, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Drinks? Every imaginable soda or sports drink is produced in the U.S., as well as endless brands of beers, such as the famous Budweiser, or Coors. The wine industry here thrives, with some of the best vineyards in California, Oregon and New York producing everything from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to sparkling wines.

Should you require health care in the USA some of the world’s best hospitals are at your disposal, and clinics are situated in just about every convenient location. The standard of care is first rate, but do arrange comprehensive health insurance to pay for any health care services you might need. Also, many of the 50 States do not yet participate in the new medicare plan.

Protect yourself, and your family, with comprehensive travel health insurance which will cover your intended itinerary and any potentially risky activities, such as camping in Yellowstone National Park, or rafting on the Colorado river.

For as wonderful as the U.S.A. is, admittedly, there are concerns in large cities about petty crime and muggings. Don’t walk alone at night in Manhattan, for it is possible to change from a safe area to a dangerous one simply by crossing the street. Be careful around waterfronts in any city. Miami can be very dangerous once you are away from your hotel, or major tourist areas, like south beach, or Calle Ocho, which is little Cuba, and very safe. Don’t spend the evening on Miami Beach unless you are on hotel territory. Protect valuables at all times and whenever possible at night take taxis to bring you to and from your hotel.