Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics – London 2014

There is currently a world wide shortage of the Yellow Fever Vaccination. Some smaller clinics and GP centres currently do not stock this vaccination, however we have a full range of all travel vaccinations including Yellow Fever Vaccinations at all of our central London travel clinics.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements

Travellers to certain countries in South America and Africa may require a yellow fever vaccination prior to travel including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. It is important that you check your travel itinerary prior to travelling to ensure that you are aware of your travel vaccination requirements. For further information about the countries that require Yellow Fever Vaccination, please take a look at our detailed information on destinations and vaccinations.

Some countries in Asia also require Yellow Fever documentation if you have travelled recently in endemic areas of South America and Central Africa. Although Yellow Fever is not present in this region, it is a precautionary measure that authorities have put in place to stop the spread of this serious disease throughout the tropical areas of Asia.

Call us on 020 7112 5198 to discuss your requirements with one of our specialist travel vaccination nurses or book online to make an appointment.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Schedule

The Yellow Fever Vaccination is given as a single injection and you will need to have it at least 10 days prior to travelling for it to provide protection for ten years. After ten years you will need a booster to keep you protected as well as provide you with an updated Yellow Fever Vaccination record. The vaccination is suitable for most people over the age of nine months. If you are pregnant or have a medial condition our travel nurse can provide you with further advice.

About Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever is a serious viral illness which is spread by mosquitoes which affects the functioning of the liver and kidneys. It can cause high fever and flu like symptoms as well as headache, nausea, jaundice and sensitivity to light. In severe cases Yellow Fever can lead to hemorrhagic fever, causing organ failure, which can in some cases be fatal.

Protecting yourself against Yellow Fever

Travellers can protect themselves against this disease by getting immunised, however it is always advisable to practice mosquito avoidance measures even if you are vaccinated as mosquitoes carry other diseases including malaria, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis and chikungunya fever. Use a good quality insect repellent such as DEET 50%, sleep under a mosquito net and use a mosquito coil and cover up areas of exposed skin with loose fitting clothing that covers your arms and legs.

Yellow Fever Clinics at London Vaccination Clinic

During the Yellow Fever Vaccination shortage, we are running a number of dedicated Yellow Fever sessions at both of our clinics in London. Please contact us to find out what when we are holding these sessions and to book your consultation in advance so that you can be vaccinated and obtain your Yellow Fever Certificate prior to departure.