Travel Kits We Offer

There’s currently a national shortage of vaccines – commonly referred to as ‘holiday vaccines’. Typhoid, yellow fever, rabies and hepatitis A are all low in stock. 

We’ve managed to stay ahead of the game and generally have doses before most, but we also offer travel kits that help protect against vaccine preventable diseases. These nifty kits, that we’re about to tell you about, can give you the confidence to travel safely – whether you’ve been vaccinated or not. 

Antibiotic Tummy Kits

Always the traveller’s friend. Packed up with all the gems you need to deal with an upset tummy or diarrhoea: rehydration sachets, antidiarrheals and antibiotic treatment. 

Essential Travel Kit 

Provides you with DEET repellent – which can be applied to the skin or onto clothing and will repel mosquitos, fleas, flies, ticks, leeches, tiggers and other little critters that like to feast on us. 

Plus essentials from the tummy kit including the rehydration sachets and loperamide (a medicine to help stem diarrhoea).

I Want It All Travel Kit

This mega kit includes the antibiotic tummy kit, DEET and a mosquito net in one great package. 

Intermediate Kit

Made up of the antibiotic kit and DEET. 

Aquapure Water bottle

Not only filters your water but it helps you to avoid drinking from single use plastic bottles. 

We understand that you’ll be concerned about the vaccine shortage – we’re working round the clock to ensure that we’re the first to take receipt of those available. But, if you’ve still got niggles or concerns, watch our short YouTube video  Katy, our CEO explains how we can help you stay safe using our trusty travel kits.