London Travel Vaccination Clinic – Daily Update 2 June 2014

Daily Travel Health Update 2 June 2014 from Destination Health: Travel Vaccination Clinic in London.

Middle East

Since the outbreak began in 2012, the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has resulted in over 190 deaths in Saudi Arabia and hundreds more being infected. MERS is relates to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) that emerged in Asia in 2003. MERS is considered to be deadlier than SARS but is less easily transmitted between humans. MERS causes a lung infection and difficulty in breathing, fever and rapid kidney failure. As well as Saudi Arabia, there have been confirmed cases and deaths from the disease throughout the region as well as in other areas of the world following people travelling from the region.


The Chikungunya Outbreak is continuing to spread rapidly throughout The Caribbean with over 100,000 cases now been reported across the region. The majority of the cases have been reported in the Dominican Republic and Haiti with reports also coming from Barbados, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the United States. Cuba and Jamaica are yet to report any cases. Chikungunya Fever which causes severe joint and muscle pains is spread by daytime biting mosquitos. Travellers to The Caribbean are advised to try and avoid being bitten by mosquitos by using DEET 50% insect repellant and coving areas of exposed skin.


Travellers to the world cup in Brazil are reminded that authorities are expecting outbreaks of Dengue Fever throughout the country. Dengue Fever is spread by daytime biting mosquitos and travellers should use insect repellant and cover exposed skin by wearing long trousers and long sleeves to avoid being bitten. Dengue Fever can cause severe joint and muscle pains and can be fatal in some extreme cases.


A recent Malaria outbreak in Aswan in Southern Egypt has affected 13 people who have all been treated for the disease in a local hospital. Malaria is a very serious and potentially fatal disease that is spread by mosquitos, especially at dawn and dusk. Travellers to this region are advised to take mosquito avoidance measures such as using DEET 50% insect repellant, mosquito coils and mosquito nets. Speak to one of our specialist travel vaccination nurses at one of our Travel Clinic in London regarding malarial medication.

West Africa

The Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in West Africa looked to be slowing last week however recent reports are suggesting that it is still spreading throughout the region. 34 new suspected cases have been reported in Sierra Leone as well as a number of suspected deaths. The disease has been most prominent in Guinea where over 300 cases have been reported. Liberia has also reported 35 cases of the disease. There is currently no vaccination for the Ebola Virus which can have a fatality rate of up to 90 per cent.

South Sudan

At least 15 people have died and over 745 people affected by the recent Cholera Outbreak in South Sudan. The outbreak has been caused by unsanitary conditions in crowded areas following people fleeing the fighting that has been occurring in the country. Health Authorities have also been particularly challenged in their ability to help this disease due to a lack of health care facilities in the region.