Travel Vaccinations for Trinidad and Tobago

The table below provides a general guide as to the Travel Vaccinations that may be advised to you for travel to Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad is famous for its wild Carnival, infectious Soca music, and the historic and cultural side of Port of Spain, but there is a side of Trinidad that offers hiking adventures, sparkling waterfalls and quiet beaches. Maracas beach, on the north coast, is an easy drive after your sightseeing tour around Port of Spain. Or, on the east coast try Manzanilla beach, wild and windswept. One of the world’s most exciting wildlife spectacles takes place on the northeast coast between March and August each year, when hundreds of sea turtles clamber ashore to nest each night. For an extreme adventure, look into ziplining at Macqueripe Bay. And, don’t forget tiny Tobago, where you’ll find Pigeon Point beach, and unforgettable Buccoo Reef. Before you start packing, your first stop on your way to Jamaica should be a visit to our Travel Health Clinic, four to eight weeks before departure so that you will be completely safe and up-to-date with the Vaccinations you need for travel to Trinidad and Tobago.

There is No Risk of Malaria in Trinidad and Tobago

There is No Risk of Yellow Fever in Trinidad and Tobago

Keep up-to-date with the latest travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) before travelling.

Advice for Travellers to all Destinations

The Vaccinations and Medications that are needed for travel vary from person-to-person. Everyone should have a personal risk assessment with a travel health professional to take into account a range of factors such as itinerary, medical condition, occupational and lifestyle risk factors and previous vaccination history.

All Travellers

All Travellers should ensure that they are up-to-date with Routine Vaccinations including Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio and Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

Most Travellers

Most travellers will also need to consider a course or booster of Hepatitis A and Typhoid as there is a risk of these diseases across most parts of the world.

Some Travellers

Some Travellers may also be advised additional vaccinations such as Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis and Hepatitis B based on their individual risk assessment.

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Attended a consultation for travel vacines, the nurse explained everything with care, provided good advice. We then add a follow up consultation with a different nurse for the vaccines and was also very kind and professional. Was very impressed, we did not feel pressured to have more vacines then reasonable and both nurses gave pricing information upfront.

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Really easy to book and the nurse who I saw in Liverpool Street was really kind and helpful. She went through my vaccination history, what I needed for my trip and explained everything I needed to know ahead of administrating the vaccine I needed.
I am glad I arrived early as the venue was tricky to find as the name of the building has changed so doesn’t match Google maps. Put me in a slight panic as I thought I was going to miss my appointment but I found it in the end!

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Thorough and helpful consult. Professional and pleasant experience, amazing and k knowledgeable staff!

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My nurse was a beautiful soul inside and out. I have a fear of needles and she was so patient and reassuring from beginning to end. She asked me questions, helped me to relax and made me feel like an individual rather than just someone on the list for the day.

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Further Travel Health Advice for Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad is very hot, and if you visit during the dry season, November to late May, expect temperatures to be anywhere between 28 and 33 or even higher. Take the sun seriously, use lots of sun block lotion, and at the beach, spend at least 20 minutes in the shade each hour. Make a habit of carrying bottled water with you wherever you go, to stay hydrated.

It is wise not to trust the quality of the tap water in Trinidad and Tobago. Use bottled water, and remember to bring lots with you when touring, or lounging on the beach.

A tantalising melting pot of fragrances, flavours and spices from all over the world, Trinidadian cuisine is influenced by many cultures, including West Indian, East Indian, Spanish,and Creole. You can as easily find a good chicken curry as a stewed lobster creole. The National dish is Pelau, a spicy rice which is either fried, curried, or served Spanish style. Lobster, crab, conch, and many types of fish, such as flying fish and kingfish are fried, grilled or stewed as main dishes, and served with rice or plantains. In Tobago, treat yourself to crab and dumpling, made with blue land crabs, cooked in the shell, with curry sauce. Pelau might be the National dish, but Roti is the National snack. It consists of an Indian chiapatti pancake, wrapped around a curry of potatoes and chickpeas with meat, or shrimp, and most visitors find it becomes a habit. Rum, mixed in punch, and beer are the beverages of choice. All sorts of soft drinks are available, and coconut milk or water are very popular.

If you need health care in Trinidad and Tobago, there are several hospitals, and a choice of good clinics. In general the standard of care is good, however, it is best to check with your hotel or resort before choosing a care facility. Arrange in advance to have ample cash money with you to pay for any health care you might need, since your own insurance may not cover these costs and most clinics require cash payment.

Protect yourself, and your family, with comprehensive travel health insurance which will cover your intended itinerary and any potentially risky activities.

In Trinidad, it is important to observe normal precautions to safeguard your valuables, such as not carrying large sums of money, and not wearing flashy jewellery. Visitors are generally safe in tourist areas, but there are many incidences of crime, and it is best to check with your tour operator or hotel as to any potential problems, especially in Port of Spain. Tobago is very safe for visitors.