Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel

If jetting off to a dream island surrounded by pure white sand beaches and crystal turquoise waters isn’t your idea of the perfect holiday, maybe you’re seeking a bit more adventure.

Stepping outside the box, trekking over rough terrain, mountaineering, or cutting a path through the jungle all promise unforgettable adventures. But they also come with serious dangers.

Most Adventure Travel itineraries involve a moderate or high degree of risk, which increases significantly when:

  1. A small group of people deliberately visits a disaster area for the sake of curiosity
  2. You plan an adventure in a high-risk ghetto area with a dangerous reputation
  3. A group of people infiltrates off-limits urban areas like drains, industrial sites, active and inactive. Also called urban spelunking, urban caving or building hacking, these activities pose a physical danger as well as potential legal issues, for example trespassing
  4. You take part in any extreme activity, whether it’s bungee jumping, parasailing, hang-gliding, rock climbing, white-water rafting, scuba diving, or mountain biking. They can all take you out of your physical or mental comfort zone as well as presenting obvious physical dangers

Decode your own decision making process

The rush of travel, the excitement of embarking on a daring adventure and culture shock all play a part in decision- making.

Spending two weeks in a desert environment might give you the urge – and the false confidence – to ride a camel across the desert. In a high-altitude destination you might decide it’d be fun to climb even higher.

Before you get involved in any highly-demanding and potentially dangerous sport or activity, it’s vital to be aware of your own physical capabilities, your personal limits, degree of fitness, and of course the real reasons behind taking on what might be an ill-advised challenge.

In other words bravado, showing off and keeping up with the in crowd are not good enough reasons for putting yourself and others in danger!

Before you finalise your adventure travel itinerary, remember to set aside time for a visit to one of or travel clinics in London at least 4 weeks before you leave. We’ll give you a thorough check-up, review your usual medications if you take any and make sure you fulfil all your travel vaccination needs.