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The London Vaccination Clinic offers all you need to travel safely – including Yellow Fever vaccinations. 

Read on as we explain what Yellow Fever is, and how you can protect yourself when travelling. 

What is Yellow Fever?

It’s a disease caused by a virus, and is transmitted when you’re bitten by an infected mosquito – usually during the day.  It can’t be spread through close contact with an infected person. 

Symptoms include: fever, nauseousness, backache, headaches and lack of appetite. 

For some people, it can lead to serious health issues, such as organ failure, so it’s worth getting vaccinated.

Why Do I Need a Vaccination Certificate to Enter Certain Countries?

Yellow Fever is endemic in parts of Southern and Central America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Trinidad, in the Caribbean. It’s highly recommended, and sometimes required, that you have had a Yellow Fever vaccination to gain entry into these countries.

Once you’ve been vaccinated, you can use your vaccination certificate to travel between countries where Yellow Fever is endemic – and other countries where it isn’t. 

Check out this list of countries that require you to prove vaccination against Yellow Fever. 

Who needs a Yellow Fever Vaccine? 

Anyone travelling to countries where the disease is endemic will need a vaccine – and we’ll give advice if you’re travelling with babies or if you’re over 60 years old. When you book an appointment, our nurses will carry out a thorough risk assessment to make sure that you’re fully protected and safe to travel.

A Yellow Fever vaccination will last for life. However, if you need a replacement certificate, our nurses can provide you with one. 

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