Where to travel this year?

Top spot travel destinations…

With restrictions easing all over the world, travel enthusiasts are keen to start planning their next trip abroad – and who can blame them? After a tumultuous couple of years in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no wonder we’re itching to get away from it all. Here we suggest the top spots for your 2022 trips so you can make the most of your holiday.


It’s currently cherry blossom season in Japan, so it’s the ideal time to visit this diverse Asian landscape. Given its size, Japan offers a huge amount of things to see and do across the country – you won’t be short of tourist sights. It’s also extremely clean and safe, with some of the most advanced technology in the world.

Buenos Aires

If you haven’t had all your vaccinations, Buenos Aires is a great option. Water and sanitation standards are good and of course the weather is a huge draw for those who like the heat.

Costa Rica

Looking for more adventurous travel destinations? You might well be drawn to Costa Rica. With plenty of opportunities for surfing and jungle exploration, this is an exciting location for thrill seekers.


If you prefer to stay closer to home, Mallorca is a great place for family holidays in the sunshine.


Party animals will no doubt be familiar with Ibiza already, but the Balearic island offers a whole range of attractions for travellers.

Watch our short YouTube video to find out more about these travel destinations. Our CEO and travel health nurse, Katy Peters, gives you the full run down so you can pick the best spot for your next trip.