What you need to travel to Dubai

Do you have an upcoming trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates? Unsure about what’s required to travel? Don’t worry – we’ve got the answers. 

Government guidelines and restrictions are constantly changing and being updated, so it’s important you keep up to date with the latest information on what you need to travel safely and legally.

Here’s everything you need to travel to Dubai – as of April 2022. 

For Unvaccinated Travellers: PCR Test

Unvaccinated travellers need to present a negative PCR test result. The test should be completed 48 hours before your flight. Make sure you choose a travel test that includes a fit to fly certificate. Browse our selection of COVID travel tests.

Please note: Children under 12 years old are exempt. They can travel freely. 

Alternatively, unvaccinated travellers can present a certificate that proves you’ve recovered from COVID within 1 month of your arrival date. 

(Fully vaccinated travellers should present a valid certificate proving their vaccination.)

Take a read of the full government guidelines for the United Arab Emirates.

Do you need any vaccinations?

The United Arab Emirates is a relatively low-risk country when it comes to vaccines. There are no current recommended or required vaccinations for travelling to Dubai.

However, we do recommend being up to date with the British National Vaccination Schedule, including the vaccines for diseases like tetanus, MMR, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and more.

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Our CEO and specialist immunisation and travel health nurse, Katy Peters, has all the information you need for travelling to Dubai.