Traveller’s Diarrhoea: Everything You Need to Know

Traveller’s diarrhoea is a common illness many UK travellers experience. Always take the right precautionary measures to minimise your risk of developing symptoms. 

What is traveller’s diarrhoea?

Traveller’s diarrheoa is a very common illness that 20-50% of travellers experience. This percentage increases to around 70% for travellers who visit India.

In most cases, traveller’s diarrhoea is a bacterial infection of the gut, causing a range of painful symptoms including:

  • Loose and frequent stools  
  • Uncontrollable bowel movements
  • Bloating
  • Stomach cramps and pains
  • Nausea
  • High fever

Fortunately, traveller’s diarrhoea is self-limiting, meaning in most cases you won’t need treatment, like antibiotics. It should pass in three to five days, but it’s a condition that can also cause severe dehydration or post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome. So, must be taken seriously. 

What precautionary measures can you take?

Here at London Vaccination Clinic, we see firsthand how important it is for travellers to prepare themselves well. Always take the right amenities with you: hydration salts and a purifying water bottle. We recommend the Traveller’s Aquapure water bottle with its excellent inbuilt filter. 

Generally, you can avoid getting traveller’s diarrhoea by drinking bottled or purified water and only eating heated foods. 

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Watch our short YouTube video for more information on traveller’s diarrhoea. Our CEO and specialist immunisation and travel health nurse, Katy Peters tells you everything you need to know. 

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