Travel Vaccine Shortages: How Travel Consultations can help.

If you’re tearing your hair out because you need a holiday vaccine and can’t get hold of one – don’t worry, we can help with our Travel Consultation Service. Book an appointment for all your travel health needs.

Why Are There Vaccine Shortages? 

There’s currently a national shortage of vaccines – often referred to as ‘travel vaccines.’ This is due in part to unprecedented travel after the pandemic and a lack of vaccine production. 

What Do I Do If I Need A Travel Vaccine? 

If you’re travelling to a place that requires a vaccination, contact your medical practitioner early. Stocks are low but if you give good notice, you’re more likely to get what you need. Some NHS providers aren’t offering vaccines currently, so check out private clinics in your area, like us.

What Can I Do If I Can’t Get A Vaccine?

There are measures you can take if you can’t get a vaccine. Awareness of how diseases and viruses spread will help you keep you safe. 

We offer travel consultation appointments and can talk to you about preventative steps around:

  • sanitation
  • local climate
  • parasites and insects.

These appointments will ensure that you remain healthy – with or without a travel vaccine.

Watch our short YouTube video

Our CEO and specialist immunisation and travel health nurse, Katy Peters, explains more about these shortages.