Preparing for Travel to Africa

If you’re travelling to Western or Central Africa, you’ll need to have the right vaccinations and certifications before flying.

Whether you’re visiting Africa for work or pleasure, you’ll need to take precautionary measures against a number of diseases. We cover four essential vaccinations for travelling to African countries that you should consider getting before your trip. 

  1. Yellow fever

Yellow fever is a disease you can catch if you’re bitten by an infected mosquito. It causes aches and pains, fever, nausea and jaundice, so it’s strongly recommended that you get this vaccination before travelling to regions where this virus is endemic. And protection lasts for life.

  1. Malaria

Taking malaria medication before you travel and while you’re there is essential for keeping healthy. Alongside the medication, we recommend that you take mosquito repellent and sleep under a mosquito net from dusk to dawn to prevent being bitten.

  1. Hepatitis A and typhoid

It’s also worth considering getting more general vaccinations such as hepatitis A and typhoid before you travel. These vaccinations provide protection from diseases that can be transmitted through food and water. 

  1. Tetanus, polio, diphtheria booster

You might have already had this vaccination against tetanus, polio and diphtheria, but it’s helpful to get a booster jab if it’s been around 10 years since your last jab. 

Did you know that you need vaccination certificates in order to travel across borders in Africa? We offer both vaccinations and certification here at the London Vaccination Clinic. 

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Our CEO and specialist immunisation and travel health nurse, Katy Peters, recommends four essential vaccinations to get before travelling to Africa.