New Membership Programme: Women’s Health Service

At the London Vaccination Clinic, it has long been a dream of ours to launch a service dedicated to women’s health. And we’re proud to say, we are now able to debut this.  

What Is Our Women’s Health Service?

Women will now have access to specialist nurses to discuss and support, including:

  • reproductive health
  • contraceptive health
  • menopausal health
  • mental health 
  • wellbeing
  • smoking and alcohol cessation 
  • weight and health improvement
  • travel and vaccination health.

This is a membership service and involves a monthly subscription fee of £10. Our specialist travel and vaccination nurses, practice nurses and our women’s health nurse will be able to:

  • discuss concerns
  • identify issues
  • signpost women to the relevant private healthcare services
  • liaise with GP’s to direct women to the appropriate NHS services.

How do I access Women’s Services?

Once you’ve registered with our new service, we’ll schedule monthly appointments with you. These appointments will be by phone and will give you the opportunity to discuss at length your personal health concerns. 

Accessing depo-provera (emergency contraceptive pill), a pill check and re-prescription of your contraceptive pill to menopausal services, or being sign-posted to the appropriate private health service are all available through the membership. 

Come and see us

We are passionate about women’s health and vitality. Offering you a personalised service as you navigate your way through a busy life gives you the much needed time to talk about your own health needs and concerns. 

One of our friendly nurses will welcome you with a warm smile and give words of advice that you can trust.

Email: and we can share more information with you. 

Your health is our passion.