Free Tetanus Shots 

Here at London Vaccination Clinic, we’re all about YOU. Everything we do is to keep you safe at home – as well as before, during, and after your travels. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our promotion for the rest of June: free tetanus shots.

Do you need a tetanus shot?

Everyone needs a tetanus booster shot approximately every ten years – so you’ll have around five shots in your life. If it’s been over ten years, come and see us. Our tetanus shots are usually priced at £50 – so you’ll be saving money too. But you cannot put a price on your health and safety. 

Are you eligible?

We’re offering a FREE tetanus injection to everyone who books a June travel health appointment with us – no matter what the appointment is specifically for. 

Getting yours is simple – just let the nurse know you’re interested during your appointment.

Will this help you out?

We sincerely hope so. You can get tetanus injections for FREE on the NHS – but we also know firsthand that getting an appointment can be a lengthy and frustrating process. You can come see one of our nurses, guilt-free – with same day or next day appointments.

We’ll help plan an upcoming trip too

As well as administer your tetanus shot, we can also help with your travel health plans. A full travel health assessment can identify what vaccines or medicines you may, or may not need.