Flu Season: What You Need To Know

Flu season is officially here. If you’re writing your travel to-do list right now, you’re probably not even thinking about the flu – but you should. Read on to find out why. 

Can I Get Flu When Travelling Overseas?

Because the flu season varies wherever you are in the world, it’s an ever present threat for travellers. In the northern hemisphere, flu season runs from November to May. In temperate climates like ours, it’s September to March. In tropical climates, flu season circulates all year. 

Do All Travellers Need A Flu Vaccine?

Yes. All travellers should be vaccinated before travel – even if you’re fit and healthy. For those mixing with tourists from other parts of the world, or attending mass events – you’re going to be at a higher risk. Some travellers, who are prone to suffering from flu-related complications, the vaccine should be a travel priority.

Do I Need A Vaccination If I Work In An Office?

Mass vaccinations are an ideal way to protect entire workforces. With staff working in close proximity, you can face flu season without the worry that this nasty virus brings.

When Should I Book My Flu Jab?

It takes around two weeks for immunisation to develop – so get an appointment booked in advance of your holiday. If you’re thinking of mass vaccination for your workforce – perhaps consider mid-September as that’s when stocks are high. 

Watch our short YouTube video https://youtu.be/nJq6qyfbho0

Our CEO and specialist immunisation and travel health nurse, Katy Peters, talks about the importance of the flu vaccine for travellers and the general population.