Family Travel Tips: 5 Tips For Travelling With Children

Want to make your family trip easier and more enjoyable all round? Let’s go.

We know firsthand that going on holiday with little ones is a whole different kettle of fish – heat can be overwhelming for them and foreign food might not tickle their picky taste buds. 

It’s all about planning ahead! So have a read of our five handy family travel tips…

Tip 1: Take your own medical kit

Pack a first aid kit with all the medications you know your kids could need – you might not find Calpol overseas. Other essential items include: antihistamines, plasters/bandages, and mosquito repellent.

Tip 2: Bring a floatation device

A sturdy floatation device is an absolute must if you’re going on a beach or pool holiday – like swimming aids or armbands. You’ll need to keep an eye on your kiddies at all times, especially if they’re water babies.

Tip 3: Get a ground floor room

This can give you peace of mind. Balconies of some hotels pose real danger – it takes a split second. 

Tip 4: Bring some beach shoes

There are lots of little nasties lurking in the sea – and sand – that can bite little feet. So bring along some beach clogs or comfy aqua shoes.

Tip 5: Always have snacks on hand

It can be hard to find foreign food that little ones want to eat – especially picky eaters. Pack non-perishable snacks in your suitcase so there’s always something for them to eat, if meals are left uneaten. 

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