Travel Clinic London – Travel Alert, Singapore 20 January 2014

During 2013 there were reports of almost 25,000 cases of Dengue Fever recorded in the city state of Singapore. Cases of the disease continue to be reported with around 500 new cases during the first week of January 2014 alone.

About Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is a tropical infectious disease which cases flu like symptoms including, fevers, headache, sore muscles and joints and can cause a skin rash. In very severe cases the disease can be life threatening, however this is rare. There is currently no vaccine for Dengue Fever treatment is supportive only and patients suffering the disease require constant rehydration and should seek medical attention.

Avoiding Dengue Fever

Travellers are advised to take all necessary precautions to avoid contracting this disease. Bite avoidance measures are advised such as wearing DEET 50% insect repellent, especially during the day, wearing long trousers and shirts and sleeping under mosquito nets. For further information about straying safe on your trip to Singapore and South-East Asia, contact one of our travel nurses.

Further Travel Health Advice

If you are travelling to this region and require further advice or vaccinations, please get in touch with any of our Travel Clinics in London.