Travel Clinic London – Travel Alert, Thailand 20 May 2014

Travel Alert – Thailand: 20 May 2014
Travel Clinic London

Martial law has been declared by the Army in Thailand and troops have been deployed across key areas of Bangkok, including government buildings and key roads. This is in a response to bring order to the months of political violence that has resulted in the death of 28 people.

The commander of the army has said that: “The public do not need to panic and can continue on with normal life,” insisting that this is not a coup.

Travellers planning on visiting Thailand are advised to keep up-to-date with advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who are continually monitoring the situation and are looking at the implications of this announcement.

Travellers should take extra care and avoid political events, large gatherings, protests, demonstrations and marches.

Should you be travelling to the region and require Travel Vaccinations, please contact our Travel Clinic in London.