London Travel Vaccination Clinic – Daily Update 27 May 2014

Daily Update 27 May 2014 from Destination Health: Travel Vaccination Clinic in London.


There have been reports of a further six cases of Dengue Fever in North Queensland, Australia. There have been 10 confirmed cases since the outbreak began earlier this year. Dengue Fever outbreaks occur periodically in the tropical northern states of Australia. Travellers to this region are reminded to avoid mosquito bites, especially during by the day biting mosquito that spreads the disease. Wear long sleeve and long trousers and use insect repellant.


Authorities in the Caribbean are distributing pain medication to help treat patients that have been affected with the Chikungunya Virus. There have been over 55,000 confirmed and suspected cases of the disease throughout the Caribbean since the outbreak began at the start of the year. Chikungunya Virus causes high fever and severe joint and muscle pains and is spread by daytime biting mosquitos. Travellers should try to avoid being bitten by using insect repellant and covering exposed skin. 

South Sudan

More than 300 cases of Cholera have been reported in South Sudan since the recent outbreak began a number of weeks ago. The spread of the disease has been caused by unsanitary conditions and crowding in refuge camps following people fleeing areas of fighting in the country.

West Africa

Five people are confirmed to have died from the Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone. This is the first reported fatality of the disease in Sierra Leone which has killed over 100 people in neighbouring countries since the outbreak began in March.


Authorities are in Venezuela are bracing themselves for a rise in mosquito-borne diseases including Malaria and Dengue Fever this rainy season.  There have so far been almost 30,000 cases of Malaria and 22,000 of Dengue Fever this year in Venezuela. Travellers to this region should get advice on the most appropriate malaria medication and avoid insect bites by covering exposed skin and using insect repellant.

United States

The number of Measles cases being reported in the United States has hit a 18 year high with 224 confirmed cases so far in 2014. A number of recent outbreaks have been linked to the ongoing outbreak in The Philippines – with unvaccinated travellers returning after contracting the disease on their travels.

Middle East

Further cases of the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) continue to be reported throughout the Middle East. The outbreak began in Saudi Arabia at the start of March and has so far infected almost 600 people and included over 180 deaths in the country. It has also spread throughout the region with reports of infection and fatalities.


World Cup Football fans are being warned of Dengue Fever outbreaks throughout the various host cities in Brazil. There have so far this year been over 6,000 cases of the virus in Sao Paulo including five deaths. Brazil has the highest rate of Dengue Fever in the world and last year had over one and a half million cases of the disease. There is currently no vaccination for Dengue Fever and travellers to the World Cup are reminded to avoid being bitten by the day-time biting mosquito by covering up exposed skin and wearing DEET 50% insect repellant.