London Travel Vaccination Clinic – Daily Update 19 May 2014

Daily Update 19 May 2014 from Destination Health: Travel Vaccination Clinic in London.


Cholera Outbreak  in Somalia has resulted in the death of two children and over 50 seriously ill. The outbreak is occurring in the middle Jubba region of the country. Incidences of the disease are increasing due to lack of healthcare facilities in the region.

South Sudan

Three people have reported to have died and many others hospitalised following a Cholera Outbreak in the Twic East region of the country. Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is limited due to the ongoing conflict in the region.

Saudi Arabia

There have been over 500 confirmed cases and at least 150 deaths from Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in Saudi Arabia. There have also been reports of the illness in other areas in the region including Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. There have also been reports from the Netherlands and the United States, mostly from people who have recently visited Saudi Arabia.


The death toll from the recent cholera outbreak in the Cotabato province of The Philippines has now risen to nine. Cholera is transmitted via the faecal-oral route and it is understood that the disease may have been caused by people in the village openly deification which can affect the local water supply, contaminating streams and wells.


The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa is continuing to slow and the Gambia has now ended the flight ban from Liberia and Sierra Leone that it imposed at the height of the outbreak. This outbreak has so far seen over 150 deaths. There is currently no vaccination against ebola however there are developments working towards a vaccination. Travellers to this area should keep up to date with advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with regards to developments.

Congo DR

There have been 59 reported cases of Yellow Fever in the Katanga Province of Congo DR over the past six weeks. Yellow Fever which is spread by mosquitos occurs in rural areas of the Congo and travellers to this region are advised to be vaccinated against the disease to prevent illness.


At least 850 cases of Dengue Fever have been reported in the San Miguelito region of Panama. Dengue Fever is spread by day-time biting mosquitos and there is currently no vaccination against the disease. Travellers are advised to take bit prevention measures including using DEET 50% insect repellant and covering exposed skin by wearing long sleeves and trousers.


There have been 11 fatalities from swine flue in the last six weeks in the Jaipur region of India. The disease is passed from surface to surface and from droplets in the air. Travellers are advised to practice good hand washing hygiene, avoid public transport and crowded areas and use alcohol gel.

Dominican Republic

At least 2oo cases of Chikungunya Fever have been reported in the Dominican Republic in the last few weeks and continues to be an ongoing problem. Chikungunya virus is spread by day-time biting mosquitos and travellers are advised to use insect repellent and cover up exposed skin in order to help prevent contracting the illness.