London Travel Vaccination Clinic – Daily Update 10 June 2014

Daily Update 10 June 2014 from Destination Health: Travel Vaccination Clinic in London.

West Africa

The Ebola Outbreak continues to be a significant issue in the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Ebola is an extremely contagious disease which can have fatality rates as high as 90% in some areas. Travellers to West Africa should keep up-to-date with reports and advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and ensure that they do not come into contact with anyone who has been infected with this disease.


Football fans travelling to this years World Cup Football Finals in Brazil need to consider a number of travel health issues including Yellow Fever. Although Yellow Fever is not as common or as likely to get as a number of other mosquito borne diseases, it is however a very deadly disease. Of the nine cases of yellow fever in returned unvaccinated travellers from Europe and North America between 1970 and 2002 eight people died. In Brazil, this high risk areas for Yellow Fever include Iguazu Falls and areas within the Amazon Basin. Please speak to one of our travel nurses at either of our Travel Clinics in London should you require further information.

The Caribbean

The Chikungunya Outbreak in the Caribbean has reached over 135,000 reported cases throughout the region including 14 deaths. Public health initiatives are underway in many of the affected countries in an attempt to help slow and stop the spread of the disease. Travellers to the region are advised to make sure that they use DEET 50% insect repellant and cover up exposed skin to avoid being bitten by the daytime biting mosquitos that spread the disease.

The Philippines

Authorities in The Philippines have reported nine cases of Rabies in dogs since January this year. Rabies is a very serious disease that is spread by infected mammals such as dogs, foxes and bats. Travellers to this region should consider a course of the Rabies Vaccination. There is virtually no cure for treating infected people who have not been vaccinated against this disease with an almost 100% fatality rate.

Middle East

Update on the spread of the recent Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak in the Middle East that started in Saudi Arabia: There are currently 360 infections of which around 50 people have recovered. There are over 50 active cases and 285 reported deaths. Travellers to this region should be vigilant and avoid contact with anyone suspected to be infected with this illness and practice good levels of hygiene including washing hands thoroughly.  MERS is a severe respiratory illness which is spread to person to person when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

South Sudan

The recent Cholera Outbreak in South Sudan has now affected over 1,500 people including 29 deaths. Health Workers who have been helping treat people affected with the illness have been forced to flee for safety after shootings and fighting in the region. Controlling the spread of this disease is also a challenge due to a lack of healthcare facilities. Should you be travelling to this region you should seek advise regarding the cholera vaccination which will help reduce the risk of contracting this disease.