Ebola – World Health Organisation Update – October 2014

WORLD HEALTH ALERT – 11/10/14. Marburg Fever Uganda, Ebola Update, Dengue Fever China and Cholera Haiti

Uganda – Marburg

Since our first report of Marburg cases in Uganda, earlier this week, suspected cases have increased in numbers, which currently total 146.  All are being tested for signs and symptoms, and so far, none of these have tested positive for the virus.

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning to travellers about visiting Uganda during this outbreak.  The same cautions regarding hygiene, wearing protective covering when near an infected person or a facility where patients are receiving treatment, apply to Marburg as those that apply to Ebola.  The virus can only be passed through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person who is symptomatic, or a person who has died from the virus.  Travellers should exercise caution if working or visiting near an affected area, and report to the nearest healthcare facility if they may have been exposed or begin to feel any symptoms of the virus, such as headache, fever, dizziness, weakness or pain in muscles.

Ebola – World Health Organisation Update, West Africa

In last evening’s updated report on the Ebola crisis in West Africa, both the number of total suspected and confirmed cases and the total number of deaths had shown a significant increase over the previously recorded totals.  The total number of suspected, probable, and confirmed cases of Ebola in 7 affected countries has reached 8399, with total fatalities now over 4,000.

An International and united front aimed at controlling and containing the unprecedented progression of the disease is in effect in most major airports, while healthcare workers in hospitals and specialised treatment centres undergo intense training programs to ensure preparedness in combating the virus.

Ebola – Morocco Africa’s Cup, 2015

The Government of Morocco has written to the Organisation of African football, requesting a postponement of the African Cup of Nations event, presently scheduled to open January 17, in light of the Ebola outbreak crisis.  The request has been denied, and a ban has been placed on countries most affected by the outbreak against scheduling matches in their own countries.

Dengue Fever – Guangdong, China

Amidst the storm of Dengue Fever in South China’s Guangdong province, comes a report that confirmed cases are approaching a staggering 30,000, through a total of ten provinces.  The sobering indicator here is the spread of the outbreak through what were just three provinces, to a much wider area of ten, in only a few weeks.

Ministry of Health efforts to gain the upper hand over the epidemic are made less effective due to high temperatures and heavy rainfall, both of which provide ideal conditions for mosquitoes to breed.  In Shangdong Province, a Government health campaign has been organised to assist citizens in prevention and control measures.

Cholera –  Haiti

The World Bank announced yesterday that  U.S. $50 million will be pledged towards the implementation of a project that will provide clean, safe water and improved sanitation systems to approx. 2 million in regions most stricken with Cholera.  The ongoing program will guarantee priority water and sanitation services to clinics and schools.  While the cholera outbreak in Haiti has abated over the past year, roughly 290 new cases are still reported every week.

Dengue Fever – South-East France

The fourth autochthonous – that is locally-acquired – case of Dengue Fever has been reported, this particular case in Aubagne.  Earlier cases have been from the “Bouches-du-Rhone” and Toulon regions of France. Should you have plans to visit any of these areas of France, put your health and safety first, by contacting one of our Travel Health Clinics in London for a free consultation and pre-travel check.