Daily Travel Health Update, 22 August 2014

Daily travel update for 22 August 2014. Disease outbreak and other travel health information for people travelling around the world.

Dengue Fever – China

Travellers to China need to ensure that they protect themselves against the current Dengue Fever outbreak which is occurring in the Guangzhou are of  Guangdong province in China. The illness which is spread by daytime biting mosquitoes has so far infected people throughout the region. There is currently no vaccination for Dengue Fever however travellers can protect themselves from this disease by covering up areas of exposed skin to avoid being bitten by the mosquitoes that carry this disease. Wear loose fitting clothes that cover arms and legs and wear an insect repellent such as DEET 50%.

Ebola Crisis – West Africa

Anyone travelling to West Africa needs to keep up-to-date with current travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). This outbreak is affecting a very large area across the region and news reports vary widely in the situation which is continuing to change rapidly. There is currently no vaccination available against this highly contagious disease. Travellers are advised to practice extreme caution in avoiding all contact with anyone who may be infected or have come into contact with anyone who may be infected with this disease.

Chikungunya Fever – Caribbean

Travellers to the Caribbean are reminded to try and avoid being bitten by mosquitoes to prevent the transmission of Chikungunya Fever which is currently prevalent across the region since the recent outbreak began towards the start of the year. More than 300,000 have been infected with the disease which causes high fever and severe joint and muscle pains. Although most people fully recover after about a week, it is a particularly nasty experience and best avoided. Make sure you cover up areas of exposed skin and wear insect repellent.

Yellow Fever Vaccine

For people that are travelling to some parts of South America or central Africa and need the Yellow Fever Vaccination please be advised that there is currently a worldwide shortage of stocks of this vaccination. Our clinic currently has large stocks of the Yellow Fever Vaccine as well as all other travel vaccinations however some smaller clinics and GP practices may not have access to this vaccination during this time. We are running Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics every week at both our Bank and Oxford Street Clinics. If you need this vaccination for your travels, please get in contact with us in advance of your trip so that we can make sure that you are up to date. The Yellow Fever Vaccine is given as a dose of one injection and will provide protection against the disease after ten days and will last for ten years. We will also provide you with proof of vaccination in the form of a Yellow Fever Vaccination Record card which is a mandatory requirement for entry into some countries where this disease is common.

Civil Unrest – Thailand

If you are planing on a trip to Thailand, as well as making sure that you are up-to-date with the vaccinations required for travel throughout this region, please ensure that you also keep informed of the ongoing political situation in the country. Marshal Law has been in place across the country since May and is affecting movement across the country with increased security checks and road closures. Keep informed by checking up-to-date information published regularly by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). regarding travel advice to Thailand. Please also note that all but essential travel should be avoided in some areas of the country due to fighting and terrorist activity, including the regions bordering Malaysia.