Brazil carnival vaccines : heading to Rio for the carnival this year? Make sure you have your yellow fever vaccine! 

Since December 2016 Brazil has been experiencing an outbreak of yellow fever that has now spread to Rio and the São Paulo State.  Initially covering 21 Brazilian states by July 2017  777 confirmed cases were reported with 261 deaths (case fatality rate of 34%).  Since July 2017 a further 35 cases of yellow fever had been confirmed, of which 20 cases were fatal (case fatality rate 57%). Sao Paulo has been the worst-affected state, with 20 confirmed cases.

Recent spread of yellow fever into the municipality of Sao Paulo and the municipalities of Greater São Paulo suggest high risk for people who haven’t been immunised.  Recent news, 9 January 2018, reports 4 deaths in Sao Paulo State.

There has been one case of yellow fever infection in a traveller. December 2017 a traveller from the Netherlands staying in  in Mairipora, a municipality in the São Paulo metropolitan region became sick. He recovered fully after being hospitalised in the Netherlands on his return from Brazil. He has not had the yellow fever vaccine for Brazil 

Yellow fever spreads to humans via the bite of the Aedes mosquito. These are day time biters.  It is a viral infection, therefore can be difficult to diagnose and treat and is often misdiagnosed for other tropical infections or fevers. Infection can be fatal, vaccination is essential for life long immunity. The vaccine takes at least 10 days to work, so make sure you visit your travel health clinic well in advance.

Brazil carnival vaccines: The World Health Organisation all travellers heading to Rio, Brazil for carnival have the vaccine against yellow fever. Don’t forget to take a mosquito repellent with you (DEET 50% or higher)

In London, the vaccine is given privately, only a limited number of GP practices offer it. Clinics must be registered as the yellow fever vaccination centres in order to legally offer the vaccine.  Yellow fever vaccine at the London Vaccination Clinic costs only £70 and comes with the vital yellow fever certificate.  Visit the clinic here a comprehensive consultation and yellow fever vaccine (given on the same day).